Dumb Ways to Die for Android

Dumb Ways to Die is currently one of the top games on the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. It is a highly entertaining game based on the idea of promoting safety through mini games. Derived from and named after the highly successful rail safety promotion campaign of Metro Trains, the game offers simple but entertaining mini games perfect for casual gaming on your mobile phones. It’s a nice game and it would have been better if there were Dumb Ways to Die for Android.

No Android Version

For now, hopefully. Many are hoping that the lack of an Android version of the game is only temporary and that somebody will eventually do something to port the game to Android. However, at present, Dumb Ways to Die is not yet available for Android users.

Dumb Ways to Die for Android

Going to Google Play will only be a disappointment. The apps available on Google Play are not Dumb Ways to Die games. There are at least five of these apps related to Dumb Ways to Die on Google Play but they do not provide gaming functions. One of them only provides a link to the YouTube video of the Dumb Ways to Die campaign by Metro Trains. Another one promises to offer game walkthroughs and demonstrations on how the game works along with tips, hints, and cheats. All these apps on Google Play are practically useless to those who want to play the game. They are also poorly rated mainly because those who have downloaded them belatedly realize that they are not the actual Dumb Ways to Die game.

What Android Users Are Missing

Unable to have the game installed on their devices, Android users don’t get to enjoy the kind of excitement Dumb Ways to Die offers. The game features several mini games with different themes or scenarios. These exciting mini games are excellent means for passing time because it only takes a very short while to learn how to play them and they don’t have to be played in sequence. This means that you can easily move to another mini game if you are not satisfied with one. Additionally, the game can be played offline unlike most of the popular mobile phone games at present.

Dumb Ways to Die also provides the option to allow players to compete against each other. There is a Game Central leaderboard for all players. These make the game more exciting and addicting. There are no current popular games similar to Dumb Ways to Die on Android and iOS. Having an Android version of the game is really going to be a welcome development.

Unlike other popular free games on Android, Dumb Ways to Die is not just about providing a great casual gaming experience. It also carries some form of safety awareness message. The different mini games may feel repetitive over time but they are unlikely to bore players given the option to compete against other players and to aim for higher scores to rise on the leaderboard.

Possible Issues with Android

There are no potential problems expected to affect the game on Android. It could even work better on Android devices considering the larger displays and the typically more advanced hardware. Game graphics and physics are very basic so most Android devices can be expected to run the game without even the slightest of hiccups or stutter.

The different mini games can be easier to play on bigger-screened Android devices. The addictive wasp-swatting and mustard application mini games, for example, can be easier to play on a bigger screen especially during the faster rounds. It can also be easier but equally exciting to play the piranha flicking and fork removal games with the larger displays of most flagship Android devices.

It is highly unlikely for a very popular iOS game not to have an Android counterpart. It might not be so soon but Android gamers can expect to have a version of Dumb Ways to Die on their devices in the weeks or months to come. It’s just a little baffling why the game’s developers decided to focus on iOS gamers when there are more Android users everywhere. If they want to promote safety awareness, they should have developed the game on a platform that has more users, which is Android.