Dumb Ways to Die App

Dumb Ways to Die is the name of a public service announcement campaign launched by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia. It became a viral hit and became very popular that a number of Dumb Ways to Die apps were created. A game based on the campaign was also developed but it is not the subject of this article. This article focuses on the apps, providing details that can possibly help temper down the disgruntled reactions of those who have download the app only to rant over their disappointment.

Dumb Ways to Die – Not the Game

App, as used in this context, does not refer to the game. Hence, downloading the app means you are not downloading the game. There’s a separate app to install if you are looking for the game. You are unlikely going to get any value from the (Android) apps unless it’s your first time hearing about the Dumb Ways to Die campaign and song.

Dumb Ways to Die App

The app is available for Android users. It is free to download and install. It is less than 400k in size so it’s not going to eat a lot of your device’s memory. The app works on Android 2.2 (Froyo) and later versions (Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean). In the Apple App store, the only Dumb Ways to Die app available is the actual game.

It is important to remember that the app being mentioned here does not refer to the actual game although technically, the game can also be referred to as an app. One of the Dumb Ways to Die apps available online provides an introduction to the Dumb Ways to Die campaign of Metro Trains. It links to the viral YouTube video of the campaign and offers nothing else. There are other non-game apps available especially on the Google Play store. They provide walkthroughs, guides, as well as tips on playing the game and achieving high scores. The actual game is not available on the Google Play store but is on iTunes or the Apple App store. Basically, this means that the game can only be played on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.

Permissions Required

The following permissions are required when installing the app: full network access, the ability to read phone status and identity, installation of shortcuts, the permission to read web bookmarks and history, finding accounts on the device, viewing of network connections, and running at startup. These are just basic permissions needed when installing apps so there’s nothing unusual with them.

Poorly Rated

Interestingly, the Dumb Ways to Die apps on the Google Play store has been receiving very low ratings and disappointed reactions. This is not really because the app is causing problems although there are some users who report that the apps are being identified by antivirus tools as bugs or threats. The poor ratings are mainly due to the misimpression that the app being downloaded is the actual game. For some, the app entertains. For many, though, it is a disappointment and a useless application to install.

If you are looking for the game, you cannot go to the Google Play store to get it. What Android users will find are apps that link to the viral video and those that provide guides about the actual game. Don’t waste your time downloading the Android apps if you are looking for the real game. The game has not been ported or redeveloped to work on the Android platform. Only iPhone and iPad users get to play the game.

It also helps remembering that the real game has a file size of 35.5 MB. Downloading Dumb Ways to Die apps that are less than that file size is not going to get you the game. Even the APK downloads available online do not provide the Android version of it.

Uses of the App

Dumb Ways to Die in a fun App to have. True, it is not that useful as in you cannot learn much from it, but it’s not the idea behind it. The Android apps that offer walkthroughs and demonstrations on playing the game are somewhat helpful, but then again it’s cooler to getting the game done on your own. They are harmless downloads but they can end up frustrating you. They don’t offer any benefit unless they are using it to get oriented with the game to know how to play it on an iOS device – which is quite far-fetched.